What we do

Data Privacy

We help organisations across all sectors to ensure they are ready to meet the demands of privacy regulations such as POPIA, the GDPR and others in Africa and abroad.

Let us show you how we can help you prepare for privacy compliance and manage a best-practice program.


Data Governance

Effective, practical, and sustainable Data Governance and Information Risk Management is our forte.

Our expert team will assist you to run a world-class data governance program, establish stewardship and data quality

And we provide the very best technology platforms to automate the most important aspects of your program.


Customer Experience and Journeys

Understanding your customers’ experience across all channels, mapping and analysing their journeys, and using advanced AI and analytics to predict the best course of action – these are all delivered through our exceptional platforms.

Let us show you how you can radically reduce costs and improve effectiveness with our AI-driven solutions.


Consulting & Training

Our experience consultants provide a variety of expert services, knowledge transfer and training in areas such as IT Governance, Data Governance and Privacy, Program Management, Policy and Framework creation.

We have a range of practical training as well as certification from the IAPP.


Data Management

Our comprehensive range of data management solutions, back end by expert services as needed, will address all your database management, design, development, and optimisation requirements.

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Our Software Technology Partners

Data Horizons has formed alliances with software vendors who are leading solution providers in their respective areas. Most of the solutions are SaaS offerings, providing for flexibility, scale, and easy adoption.

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Your Privacy Matters

When we collect your personal information, we always inform you of your rights and make it easy for you to exercise them. Where possible, we also let you manage your preferences about how much information you choose to share with us, or our partners. Please read our Privacy Notice

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