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Aqua Data Studio

Versatile database IDE with data management and visual analytics for relational, cloud, and NoSQL databases

Overview          Features

Benefits of Aqua Data Studio Database IDE

  • Use a single database tool to manage many tasks for numerous data sources
  • Easily develop, execute, and share SQL statements
  • View, filter, and edit query results in Excel-like grid with copy-and-paste
  • Create visualizations and dashboards to analyze data with drag-and-drop
  • Compare schema, data, query results, files, and folders
  • Reverse-engineer databases into entity relationship diagrams

Visually Build Queries

Drag and drop tables and views into a visual whiteboard, display existing and create new table joins, select columns, and aggregate properties such as where clauses and subqueries.

Easily Edit SQL Code

Connect to any database server and execute SQL queries. Automatically format SQL, color syntax, and complete text to save time in writing SQL statements. View query results in text, grid, pivot, and form views and export to common formats.

Visually Analyze Data

Create engaging data visualizations and dashboards to explore and share with others. Identify patterns and trends to find opportunities for further analysis. Apply filters, data labels, table calculations, and statistical analysis with R to create charts to improve business decisions, limit risk and solve difficult problems.

Edit Data in Excel Style Grid

Edit the result-set of an executed query on a data grid using a convenient graphical interface. Easily alter data, and add and delete rows using an editable, Excel-like grid.

Model Entity Relationship Diagrams

Design physical database models. Forward engineer to model tables, views, indexes, constraints, and relationships and generate SQL scripts. Reverse engineer existing databases to visualize a database model. Quickly convert models from one database platform to another.

  • Analyze Queries — Connect to any database and execute SQL queries effortlessly. Automatically format SQL, color syntax, and complete SQL. Perform advanced analysis by viewing query results in text, grid, pivot, and form views with quick filtering and one-click export to Excel.
  • Access SQL History — Quickly retrieve and reuse any previously executed queries with the automatic recording of all queries. Filter and archive queries to ensure efficient scaling.
  • Visually Build Queries — Construct sophisticated database queries without ever writing a line of SQL. Select tables and columns from the graphical user interface. Leverage the rich set of visual options including joins, group bys, sort order, and equality comparisons.
  • Build Charts — Build great-looking 2D and 3D charts by choosing from a comprehensive range of chart types and customize to meet specific needs. Update all charts in real time based on the query result set. Create charts based on pivoted data.
  • Visualize Data — Create engaging visualizations and dashboards of data with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to explore and share with others. Identify patterns and trends to find opportunities for further analysis. Use filters, data labels, and table calculations to create charts.
  • Edit Data in Excel-like Grid — Edit the result-set of an executed query in a data grid using a convenient graphical interface. Easily alter data, and add and delete rows using an editable, Excel-like grid. Preview the resulting SQL statements prior to executing them.
  • Apply Statistical Analysis with R — Rapidly create advanced data visualizations for data analytics by applying statistical analysis with R. Create calculated fields to invoke R commands and then plot the resulting data similar to any other field.
  • Import and Export Data — Import and export data of different formats to and from databases, tables, objects, and files. Use convenient import and export wizards to quickly select options to extract, transform, and load (ETL).
  • Write SQL Code — Produce high-performing SQL code for diverse database platforms with the Visual Query Builder and the advanced Query Analyzer. One consistent interface lets developers work easily across multiple database platforms to maximize database development efficiency.
  • Explore Visual Explain Plans — View a visual display and statistics of an execution plan for a query to tune query enhance query and server performance. Available for select platforms.
  • Debug SQL — Trace and debug stored procedures, functions, and packages to identify any development or production issues. Single-step through code, pause and set breakpoints and evaluate variables and conditional flow. Available for select platforms.
  • Control Versions — Manage SQL scripts, database files, and Aqua Data Studio files with the full and integrated version control client for Subversion, CVS, Git, and Perforce.
  • Access Data Sources — Connect natively to over 40 relational and NoSQL DBMS platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, Db2, Sybase, Hive, MongoDB, MySQL, Snowflake, and many more) from one easy-to-use IDE interface. Access your diverse data sources whether they are hosted on premises or in the cloud (including Amazon, Azure, and Google).
  • Manage Database Objects — Browse database objects (including tables, indexes, triggers, users and roles, and stored procedures) and visually edit them with a few simple clicks. Create, alter and delete without having to write a single line of code.
  • Administer Databases — Manage core aspects of your servers. Manage instances, storage, security, and sessions. For Oracle, manage rollbacks, logs, and system global area (SGA). For SQL Server, manage agents. For Amazon Redshift, Netezza and Vertica, view query history.
  • Compare — Compare the data definition language (DDL) of schema objects from different database platforms in an easy to navigate graphical interface. See database and object level differences. Also compare query results and folders and files on local machines.
  • Synchronize — Synchronize the data definition language (DDL) of schema objects from same database platforms in an easy to navigate graphical interface. Synchronize source to target schema.
  • Model Entity Relationship Diagrams — Create and manage entity relationship (ER) diagrams. Reverse engineering existing databases, and design detailed physical ER diagrams involving thousands of entities. Annotate, forward engineer, compare ,convert, and generate reports.
  • Use Intuitive Database IDE — Enjoy a modern database IDE. Group and float tabbed windows. Easily manage and navigate all open query windows and files with selections for viewing modes, orientation styles, and controls for resizing and showing and hiding of panels.
  • Operate Anywhere — Install and run Aqua Data Studio seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Connect natively to over 40 different data sources (including relational, cloud, and NoSQL databases).
  • Securely Login to Servers — Securely login to any server with the built-in SSH client. The client provides a rich feature set including copy and paste, find in buffer, Unicode, encryption cyphers, and support for multiple terminal emulators. Configure SSH tunnel connections within the tool, including port forwarding and server connections bound to the tunnels.
  • Script in Interactive Shell — Edit and execute SQL with an interactive shell that combines the power of the SQL command line with the versatility of a Unix shell to automate database tasks.
  • Script with Open APIs — Develop and debug scripts with the scripting development environment with a set of open application programming interfaces (APIs) Automate database tasks using the full set of functionality of the product.
  • Schedule SQL Tasks — Use the GUI interface provided in Aqua Data Studio to perform scheduling for SQL in Windows. Schedule scripts with tasks easily for future execution.

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